What is itblow?
itblow.com is an online community for developers and people working in IT to connect with each other. The site allows people to find answers, share knowledge, display their expertise and collaborate on projects Through itblow, members can share articles, ebooks, source code, tips, news and components. Through joining groups, members can exchange ideas and information with others with similar interests.
Does it cost money to submit articles to itblow?
No, we do not charge for article publication or pay for submitted content. We run advertising on our site to help us keep the site running free of charge.
How can I contact the author of an article?
When you are on the article detail page, see “About the Author” Tab. You may also find additional contact information of Author, if provided by that Author.
Does itblow have a link exchange program?
At the present time, we don’t have a link exchange program, however you are welcome to subscribe and publish articles on your subject of choice, and include a link to your website in the Author’s Bio section

How do I edit my Author Bio?
Log in to your account at www.itblow.com, with your registered e-mail address and password, go to My Workplace > Manage Authors -> Edit info and edit your Author Bio
How do I upload a photo to my account?
When you are logged in, go to My Workplace and click the “Manage Authors” link. Edit the Author name you wish to associate the photo with and select “Browse” to select your image. Then Click Submit.
How can I suggest a new article category?
You can also contact us to suggest a new category. In the meantime, we suggest you look for a similar or more general category for your articles. You may change the article’s category at any time. We will take your suggestions into consideration and send out notification at your email address.

Will I receive payment for my submitted articles?
No, at itblow.com we provide a free resource for both publishers and readers
How long does it take to have my articles reviewed?
Our team guarantees reviews in up to 96 hours, but in most cases we review articles within 48 hours. You will receive an email notification once your article has been approved or rejected
How do I place links in my articles?
If your enter URLs in the form of http://www.mydomain.in they will become auto linked. If you wish to have a keyword link, you will need to use the following HTML code:keyword
Which HTML tags do you allow?
We currently only allow the following HTML tags:<br />, <p>, <b>, <i>, <u>, <a href>
How do I change my article’s category?
In order to change the category of an article, log in to your account at www.itblow.com with your e-mail and password, go to my workplace > “Manage Stuff” and click Title of desired article whose category you’d like to change. select the desired category(s), and save your changes.
How do I add a picture to my article?
itblow allows 2 images with each article at fixed place. In order to attach an image with your article, log in to your account at www.itblow.com with your e-mail and password, go to my workplace > “Manage Stuff” and use Image upload section. Images will automatically starts reflecting at desired places inside your article body
How can I remove or delete an article that I’ve submitted?
If you’d like to delete an article from itblow, log in to your account at www.itblow.com with your e-mail and password, go to my workplace > “Manage Stuff” and click the “Remove Article” link by the article you’d like to delete. You will need to confirm that you would like to indeed delete the article. Once you have deleted the article, it cannot be retrieved.
Why was my article rejected?
Chances are your article was rejected because it violated one of our submission guidelines. If you think your article has been unfairly rejected, feel free to contact us and we will take another look.